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Whether you long to be told the many fascinating stories of Europe's great landmarks, hear tales of the mysterious pyramids of Egypt, or learn the intriguing histories of other great countries, a Globus vacation will give you the in-depth insights that bring your destination's past to life. Our experienced, Tour Directors create a travel experience for you like no other so you'll walk away from your vacation having been a part of the stories that bring history to life.

And while you're immersing in the historical past, you'll also take pleasure in the present - staying in quality hotels, relishing the must-see attractions and enjoying free time to explore on your own. With over 80 years of experience, there's a reason why Globus is the world leader in escorted travel and also holds multiple "Best Tour Operator" awards from numerous prestigious travel entities. Come explore with us and you'll find out why.
GLOBUS 2023: Best of New Zealand with Fiji (PNQ2) from $6,149.00 (USD)
It's true that sheep outnumber people in New Zealand six to one, but lucky for ewe, this untamed land also boasts an impressive number of soaring mountains, lush rainforests, and stunning fiords.
GLOBUS 2023: Mackinac Island & the Great Lakes (NM) from $3,089.00 (USD)
Experience life in the fast and slow lanes as you venture to where the automobile was born and where it's been banned since 1898.
GLOBUS 2023: Discover Japan with Osaka (OJE2) from $5,919.00 (USD)
Forget everything your mother taught you about table manners. In Japan, it's considered rude not to slurp.
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Tropical Fiji with Auckland (IPF2) from $3,839.00 (USD)
Arrive in Nadi and be whisked away by private water taxi to the beautiful Mamanuca Islands to begin your Independence by Globus vacation package. You'll also visit the brilliant white beaches and secluded bays of the Coral Coast.
GLOBUS 2024: Independent India: The Golden Triangle (IAI1) from $2,049.00 (USD)
Eclectic temples and imposing forts. Pristine wildlife refuges and lively metropolises. Pink cities and golden triangles. Fairytale monuments and tantalizing cuisine.
GLOBUS 2023: Independent Galapagos at the Finch Bay Resort & Peru with Ecuador's Amazon (ISC2) from $8,689.00 (USD)
How deep is your love of adventure? Is it deep enough to explore the Amazon Rainforest? To follow the course of Charles Darwin to discover the wildlife paradise of the Galapagos Islands?
GLOBUS 2023: Maritimes Adventure (CT) from $4,156.00 (USD)
She sells seashells by the seashore - and fresh lobster, steamed mussels, and seared scallops, too. Lemon and drawn butter will become your new best friends on this coastal tour of Maine and all three of Canada's Maritime provinces.
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Tokyo & Kyoto City Stays (IAJ1) from $3,779.00 (USD)
Journey through Japan on this fascinating Independence by Globus itinerary.
GLOBUS 2024: Highlights of Greece Escape plus 3-night Iconic Cruise (KGD) from $1,640.00 (USD)
You've dreamed of the sparkling blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the white houses of the Greek Islands. Now you can have both with a guided tour of Greece with a Greek Island cruise.
GLOBUS 2024: Great Resorts of the Canadian Rockies with the Calgary Stampede (CDX) from $5,662.44 (USD)
Just because the Canadian Rockies is home to some of the most rugged terrain in North America doesn't mean you have to rough it!
GLOBUS 2024: Classical Greece with Iconic Aegean 3-Night Cruise (RGK) from $3,480.00 (USD)
Let the sun and games begin on this lively land and cruise tour to Classical Greece, ancient Turkey, and the breezy Greek Isles.
GLOBUS 2024: Majestic Rockies with the Calgary Stampede (CVX) from $5,382.72 (USD)
Sugar, cream, or clouds in your coffee? On this majestic tour of the Canadian Rockies, you can relish all three.
GLOBUS 2023: Highlights of Greece Escape plus 4-night Iconic Cruise (KGEX) from $1,600.00 (USD)
The iconic Greek Islands are yours to discover on a guided cruise and tour of Greece. You've dreamed of the sparkling blue waters of the Aegean Sea and strolling among whitewashed buildings above pristine beaches.
GLOBUS 2024: New Year's Eve Down Under (PY) from $10,089.00 (USD)
Five, four, three, two, one! The countdown is on Down Under for the most uplifting New Year kick-off.
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Highlights of Northern & Southern India (IAI3) from $4,149.00 (USD)
Eclectic temples and imposing forts. Pristine wildlife refuges and lively metropolises. Pink cities and golden triangles. Fairytale monuments and tantalizing cuisine.
GLOBUS 2023: South American Odyssey with Peru (SGE) from $7,129.00 (USD)
Quadruple the sights, sounds, and sizzle on this South American vacation through three of the continent's most scintillating countries.
GLOBUS 2024: Legacy of the Incas with Peru's Amazon & Galapagos Cruise (SPY) from $9,509.00 (USD)
Calendar? Astronomy? Alien artwork? None of the above. But the discovery of Peru's Nazca Lines gave a whole new meaning to drawing a line in the sand.
GLOBUS 2023: Gems of the Red Center (PD1) from $2,779.00 (USD)
Take that long-awaited pilgrimage to the heart of Australia and experience Indigenous culture, unique desert adventures and the ever-changing colours of Uluru.
GLOBUS: Imperial Escape with Berlin (KCB) from $1,189.00 (USD)
This Central Europe guided tour is a magnificent journey through the former Habsburg Empire.
GLOBUS 2024: Kenya & Tanzania: The Safari Experience with Nairobi & Zanzibar (QBY) from $9,139.00 (USD)
Africa conjures up dreamy images of mystical mountains, savanna grasslands, and endless plains, but for the adventure seeker, it's where the wild things are.
GLOBUS 2024: National Parks of the American Southwest (AK) from $3,399.00 (USD)
Desert skies and mountain highs beckon you to discover the magic wonders of the American Southwest.
GLOBUS 2024: Naturally New Zealand (PJ1) from $6,729.00 (USD)
Waking up in Milford Sound. Whale-watching in Kaikoura. Wine-tasting in Blenheim. Get ready to cross them all off your bucket-list on this 14-day Globus tour of New Zealand, travelling from Queenstown to Auckland.
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Naturally New Zealand (IPN1)
God's Own Country?it might sound conceited, but this is how New Zealanders-or 'kiwis'-refer to their country. Why? Maybe because it offers stunning beauty. Maybe because it's one of the first countries in the world to see the sunrise.
GLOBUS 2023: Peru Escape with Nazca Lines (K2Q) from $1,969.00 (USD)
Escape to Peru with a 9-day adventure from its valleys to mountaintops. Discover Peru's Nazca Lines giving a whole new meaning to drawing a line in the sand.
GLOBUS 2023: Independent Panama (ILP1) from $1,489.00 (USD)
This Independence by Globus vacation begins in Panama City. Here, on the isthmus linking Central and South America, you'll explore the colonial-style architecture of Casco Antiguo and hear the fascinating history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
GLOBUS 2023: Highlights of Croatia (RR) from $2,129.00 (USD)
Who says you can't hit Croatia's fabulous coast, feisty capital, and forested Krka National Park in one vacation?
GLOBUS 2023: From the Top: Western Canada By Design (F8E) from $2,519.00 (USD)
Eagles soar and wineries pour on this 7-day journey from vibrant Vancouver to the parks and peaks of Western Canada. How will you fill your cup? Just as you please!
GLOBUS 2023: Nature's Best: Alaska (CK) from $3,149.00 (USD)
Peaks. Glaciers. Whales. Wildlife. You couldn't see more of the great state of Alaska in one week if you were an Iditarod sled dog.
GLOBUS 2023: Icons of India: The Taj, Tigers & Beyond (OD) from $2,639.00 (USD)
How do you express your eternal devotion to the love of your life? Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan enlisted the help of more than 20,000 workers and 1,000 elephants to erect a towering white marble mausoleum in honor of his wife who died during childbirth.
GLOBUS 2023: Holland, Luxembourg & Belgium (HW) from $2,739.00 (USD)
Tiptoe through the tulips, tread through famous battlegrounds, and sprint to the irresistible bonbons on this aromatic tour.

GLOBUS 2023: Independent Great Barrier Reef & Sydney with Fiji (IPK2)
From $3,199.00 (USD)

Pack your swimsuit and sunscreen before heading down under for this dream vacation! Come see the vibrant and diverse marine life that lives within the world-famous Great Barrier Reef and experience Sydney's iconic sites.

GLOBUS 2023: Mexico's Magical Colonial Cities (YG)
From $3,539.00 (USD)

For centuries, Mexico's signature mole Poblano has dazzled the palate with its dizzying number of surprising ingredients, including fruit, chocolate, and chili peppers among the list of twenty or more components to the delicious sauce.

GLOBUS 2023: Celtic Highlights (GD)
From $3,299.00 (USD)

Knobby knees? Skinny calves? Thick ankles? No matter here.

GLOBUS 2024: America's National Parks (AN)
From $4,049.00 (USD)

The mining boom may have been more than a century ago, but it's never too late to strike gold in America's West.

GLOBUS 2023: Tanzania Private Safari (IQT1)
From $6,349.00 (USD)

As a famous poet once wrote, 'the world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings.' We've found this to be truer than ever on this Independence by Globus Tanzania safari adventure.
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