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Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort - All Inclusive from $586.00+ (USD)
Destination: Cancun
Overlooking the white-sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, luxury and sophistication, which makes ...

Esmeralda Resort from $486.00+ (USD)
Destination: St. Maarten
Amidst winding gardens of hibiscus, bougainvillea and coconut groves, this Spanish, mission-style resort provides intimate accommodations in a laid-back setting overlooking Orient Bay.

Melody Maker Cancun from $555.00+ (USD)
Destination: Cancun
Melody Maker Cancun is a lifestyle resort located on Cancun's spectacular beach and close to major shopping centers, restaurants, trendy places and the best nightclubs.

IBEROSTAR Dominicana - All Inclusive from $599.00+ (USD)
Destination: Punta Cana
In typical Creole-style, this polished resort offers fine boutiques, unique activities and family-friendly hospitality.

Buena Vista Suites from $261.00+ (USD)
Destination: Orlando
A welcoming, intimate retreat in the heart of Orlando, Florida, Buena Vista Suites offers families and business professionals the very best in spacious all-suite accommodations.

Ambassador Hotel Waikiki from $274.00+ (USD)
Destination: Honolulu
Conveniently located in the heart of Waikiki, on the island of Oahu, offering something for everyone looking for the perfect Hawaiian Vacation; Oahu Activities, beautiful beaches, Surfing, H...

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas from $426.00+ (USD)
Destination: Las Vegas
The Cosmopolitan is the most original new destination in the heart of The Strip. This unique luxury resort is unlike any other.

Riu Palace Bavaro - All Inclusive from $396.00+ (USD)
Destination: Punta Cana
Right on the beach of Arena Gorda, Riu Palace Bavaro is the new Riu hotel in Punta Cana.

Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe - All Inclusive from $405.00+ (USD)
Destination: Puerto Aventuras
Fronting the dazzling waters of the Mexican Caribbean, the Barcelo Maya Palace provides an inspired setting for active travelers, spa enthusiasts and families seeking an unforgettabl...

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curacao - All Inclusive from $917.00+ (USD)
Destination: Curacao
Experience uncompromising service, superlative views and premier amenities at our luxurious Curacao beach resort.
Monograms Arrow 2020: Europe Vacations Arrow 2020: 2 Nights Rome, 2 Nights Florence & 5 Nights Venice (D303)
2020: 2 Nights Rome, 2 Nights Florence & 5 Nights Venice (D303)
Tour OperatorMonograms
OfferOffer valid through 6/30/2020
10 Days
Escorted - No
Day 1RomeBenvenuto-welcome. Your Local Host is on hand to help you feel right at home in the 'Eternal City.'
Day 2RomeYour morning guided sightseeing, with headset, is rich in religious and ancient history. Visit the VATICAN MUSEUMS to see amazing treasures. In the SISTINE CHAPEL, where the Conclave is held to elect new popes, view Michelangelo's The Last Judgment and his famous ceiling paintings. Also on the agenda today, enter monumental ST. PETER'S SQUARE and BASILICA, built in 313 AD above St. Peter the Apostle's tomb and home to Michelangelo's masterpiece Renaissance sculpture, the Pieta. Cross the Tiber River and continue your immersion in history at the iconic COLOSSEUM, built for 50,000 spectators, and the ROMAN FORUM, where the oldest structures of the ancient city are located.
Day 3FlorenceTravel by HIGH-SPEED TRAIN (first class) to Florence.
Day 4FlorenceMorning guided sightseeing, with headset, includes a visit of the ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS with Michelangelo's original David (the Academy is replaced with the Duomo Museum on Mondays and on the first Sunday of each month). Walk through Piazza del Duomo; sculpture-studded Piazza della Signoria, the center of the city's political life since the 14th century; and Santa Croce Square. Also admire medieval Ponte Vecchio, the arched, stone merchant bridge spanning the Arno River.
Day 5VeniceTravel by HIGH-SPEED TRAIN (first class) to Venice.
Day 6VeniceMorning guided sightseeing, with headset, features ST. MARK'S SQUARE and BASILICA with its exceptional gold mosaics. Visit DOGES' PALACE and the poignant BRIDGE OF SIGHS. Watch skilled GLASSBLOWERS fashion their delicate objects in the age-old manner, and learn why glass-making was so important in Venetian history. ENTRANCES to Marciana Library, and the Correr and Archaeological Museums are included; ask your Local Host for details.
Day 7VeniceThree full days to explore this intriguing city of canals and bridges at your own pace. Ask your Local Host for recommendations.
Day 8VeniceThree full days to explore this intriguing city of canals and bridges at your own pace. Ask your Local Host for recommendations.
Day 9VeniceThree full days to explore this intriguing city of canals and bridges at your own pace. Ask your Local Host for recommendations.
Day 10VeniceYour vacation ends with breakfast this morning.
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DateDescriptionPrice FromQuote
July 01, 2020Land Only Price$2,726.00 (USD)Quote
July 02, 2020Land Only Price$2,726.00 (USD)Quote
July 03, 2020Land Only Price$2,726.00 (USD)Quote
July 05, 2020Land Only Price$2,726.00 (USD)Quote
July 06, 2020Land Only Price$2,726.00 (USD)Quote
July 08, 2020Land Only Price$2,726.00 (USD)Quote
July 09, 2020Land Only Price$2,726.00 (USD)Quote
July 10, 2020Land Only Price$2,726.00 (USD)Quote
July 12, 2020Land Only Price$2,717.00 (USD)Quote
July 13, 2020Land Only Price$2,707.00 (USD)Quote
July 15, 2020Land Only Price$2,707.00 (USD)Quote
July 16, 2020Land Only Price$2,707.00 (USD)Quote
July 17, 2020Land Only Price$2,707.00 (USD)Quote
July 19, 2020Land Only Price$2,707.00 (USD)Quote
July 20, 2020Land Only Price$2,707.00 (USD)Quote
July 22, 2020Land Only Price$2,707.00 (USD)Quote
July 23, 2020Land Only Price$2,707.00 (USD)Quote
July 24, 2020Land Only Price$2,707.00 (USD)Quote
July 26, 2020Land Only Price$2,707.00 (USD)Quote
July 27, 2020Land Only Price$2,707.00 (USD)Quote
July 29, 2020Land Only Price$2,697.00 (USD)Quote
July 30, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
July 31, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 02, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 03, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 05, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 06, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 07, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 09, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 10, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 12, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 13, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 16, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 17, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 19, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 20, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 21, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 23, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 24, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 26, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 27, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 28, 2020Land Only Price$2,685.00 (USD)Quote
August 30, 2020Land Only Price$2,761.00 (USD)Quote
August 31, 2020Land Only Price$2,798.00 (USD)Quote
September 02, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 03, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 04, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 06, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 07, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 09, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 10, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 11, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 13, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 14, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 16, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 17, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 18, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 20, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 21, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 23, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 24, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 25, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 27, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 28, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
September 30, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
October 01, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
October 02, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
October 04, 2020Land Only Price$2,836.00 (USD)Quote
October 05, 2020Land Only Price$2,580.00 (USD)Quote
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