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Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort - All Inclusive from $586.00+ (USD)
Destination: Cancun
Overlooking the white-sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, luxury and sophistication, which makes ...

Esmeralda Resort from $486.00+ (USD)
Destination: St. Maarten
Amidst winding gardens of hibiscus, bougainvillea and coconut groves, this Spanish, mission-style resort provides intimate accommodations in a laid-back setting overlooking Orient Bay.

Melody Maker Cancun from $555.00+ (USD)
Destination: Cancun
Melody Maker Cancun is a lifestyle resort located on Cancun's spectacular beach and close to major shopping centers, restaurants, trendy places and the best nightclubs.

IBEROSTAR Dominicana - All Inclusive from $599.00+ (USD)
Destination: Punta Cana
In typical Creole-style, this polished resort offers fine boutiques, unique activities and family-friendly hospitality.

Buena Vista Suites from $261.00+ (USD)
Destination: Orlando
A welcoming, intimate retreat in the heart of Orlando, Florida, Buena Vista Suites offers families and business professionals the very best in spacious all-suite accommodations.

Ambassador Hotel Waikiki from $274.00+ (USD)
Destination: Honolulu
Conveniently located in the heart of Waikiki, on the island of Oahu, offering something for everyone looking for the perfect Hawaiian Vacation; Oahu Activities, beautiful beaches, Surfing, H...

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas from $426.00+ (USD)
Destination: Las Vegas
The Cosmopolitan is the most original new destination in the heart of The Strip. This unique luxury resort is unlike any other.

Riu Palace Bavaro - All Inclusive from $396.00+ (USD)
Destination: Punta Cana
Right on the beach of Arena Gorda, Riu Palace Bavaro is the new Riu hotel in Punta Cana.

Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe - All Inclusive from $405.00+ (USD)
Destination: Puerto Aventuras
Fronting the dazzling waters of the Mexican Caribbean, the Barcelo Maya Palace provides an inspired setting for active travelers, spa enthusiasts and families seeking an unforgettabl...

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curacao - All Inclusive from $917.00+ (USD)
Destination: Curacao
Experience uncompromising service, superlative views and premier amenities at our luxurious Curacao beach resort.
Viking River Cruises Arrow Special Promotion
2020 : Roof of the World - Shanghai - Tibet - Beijing

Let your spirit soar in Tibet

This ultimate Viking journey leads you high into the Himalayas, where ancient traditions infuse every aspect of life. Immerse yourself in Tibet, the magnificent and moving mountain kingdom, where you can listen as monks debate Buddhism at the Sera Monastery, keep step with pilgrims as they circumambulate the Jokhang Temple and feel the warmth of home at a Tibetan family's residence. Your cruisetour unfolds further as you wander wide-eyed into Beijing's Forbidden City, gaze upon soaring landscapes along the Yangtze River and take in the enormous scale of Shanghai from its famous Bund. Join us for the peak China experience.

Viking Inclusive Value


  • One complimentary shore excursion in every port of call
  • Free Wi-Fi (connection speed may vary)
  • Visits to UNESCO Sites
  • Enrichment lectures & Destination Performances
  • Beer, wine & soft drinks with onboard lunch & dinner
  • 24-hour specialty coffees, teas & bottled water
  • Port taxes & fees
  • Ground transfers with Viking Air purchase


  • Private veranda
  • Hotel-style bed with optional twin-bed configuration; luxury linens & pillows
  • Flat-screen TV with premium entertainment package
  • 110/220 volt outlets
  • Security safe; hair dryer
  • Spacious glass-enclosed shower
  • Premium toiletries; plush robes & slippers
  • Stateroom steward & twice-daily housekeeping

    Day by Day

    Day 1 - Shanghai, China

    The metropolis and financial center of Shanghai orbits around its famous Bund, an elegant riverfront promenade overlooked by colonial-era banks.

    Day 2 - Shanghai, China

    The largest city in China and one of the world's most important ports, Shanghai began as a tiny fishing village 5,000 years ago.

    Day 3 - Wuhan, China

    Wuhan, an historic city and important commercial center, is divided by the Yangtze and Han Rivers.

    Day 4 - Wuhan, China

    One of the most important cities of China's Republican Revolution, this capital of Hubei province is a gateway to the Yangtze Gorges.

    Day 5 - Jingzhou, China

    Within Jingzhou, ancient Ying's city walls, gates and watchtowers help Jingzhou strike a dramatic pose on the Yangtze's banks.

    Day 6 - Wu Gorge, China

    At 25 miles long, Wu Gorge is a breathtaking canvas of forest-covered mountains, sheer cliffs, rising mist and cascading waterfalls.

    Day 7 - Three Gorges, China

    Part of the Three Gorges system on the Yangtze River, Wu Gorge is perhaps the most beautiful stretch in the river.

    Day 8 - Shibaozhai, China

    Shibaozhai Temple (Precious Stone Fortress) is a gem of Chinese architecture.

    Day 9 - Lhasa, Tibet

    Known as the "City of the Sun," Lhasa is the economic, spiritual and cultural center of Tibet.

    Day 10 - Lhasa, Tibet

    This city is one of the highest elevated in the world, sitting at an altitude of over 11,000 feet.

    Day 11 - Lhasa, Tibet

    The winter home of the Dalai Lama, Potala Palace, has been in Lhasa since the 7th century.

    Day 12 - Xian, China

    Thousands of ancient Terra Cotta Warriors, buried with Emperor Qin Shi Huang over 2,000 years ago, were unearthed in Xian in 1974.

    Day 13 - Xian, China

    Over 3,100 years old, Xian rivals Egypt and Greece as the birthplace of civilization; its peak came during the glorious Tang Dynasty.

    Day 14 - Beijing, China

    The third most populous city in the world, Beijing is a major political and business hub.

    Day 15 - Beijing, China

    Quiet warrens of courtyard homes, Beijing at its most authentic, recall the Peking of old.

    Day 16 - Beijing, China

    From the sprawling Forbidden City to the serpentine Great Wall, Beijing is a massive repository of the monuments of the past.

    Day 17 - Beijing, China

    Beijing, a grand imperial capital from the 10th century until Communism in 1949, holds over 3,000 years of history.

  • Details
    Cruise LineViking River Cruises
    OfferOffer valid through 6/30/2020
    17 Days
    Cruise Ship
    Viking Emerald
    Click for more information on this ship.
    Day 1Shanghai  
    Day 2Shanghai  
    Day 3Wuhan  
    Day 4Wuhan  
    Day 5Jingzhou  
    Day 6Wu Gorge  
    Day 7Three Gorges  
    Day 8Shibaozhai  
    Day 9Lhasa  
    Day 10Lhasa  
    Day 11Lhasa  
    Day 12Xi'an  
    Day 13Xi'an  
    Day 14Beijing  
    Day 15Beijing  
    Day 16Beijing  
    Day 17Beijing  
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    September 10, 2020Category F$7,199.00 (USD)Quote
    September 10, 2020Category E$7,299.00 (USD)Quote
    September 10, 2020Category D$7,399.00 (USD)Quote
    September 10, 2020Category C$7,499.00 (USD)Quote
    September 10, 2020Category B$7,549.00 (USD)Quote
    September 10, 2020Category A$7,599.00 (USD)Quote
    September 10, 2020Category JR$7,799.00 (USD)Quote
    September 10, 2020Category AA$7,899.00 (USD)Quote
    September 10, 2020Category PS$11,699.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2020Category F$7,199.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2020Category E$7,299.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2020Category D$7,399.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2020Category C$7,499.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2020Category B$7,549.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2020Category A$7,599.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2020Category JR$7,799.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2020Category AA$7,899.00 (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2020Category PS$11,699.00 (USD)Quote
    October 04, 2020Category PS - Sold Out Quote
    October 04, 2020Category F$6,799.00 (USD)Quote
    October 04, 2020Category E$6,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 04, 2020Category D$6,999.00 (USD)Quote
    October 04, 2020Category C$7,099.00 (USD)Quote
    October 04, 2020Category B$7,149.00 (USD)Quote
    October 04, 2020Category A$7,199.00 (USD)Quote
    October 04, 2020Category JR$7,399.00 (USD)Quote
    October 04, 2020Category AA$7,499.00 (USD)Quote
    October 16, 2020Category F$6,799.00 (USD)Quote
    October 16, 2020Category E$6,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 16, 2020Category D$6,999.00 (USD)Quote
    October 16, 2020Category C$7,099.00 (USD)Quote
    October 16, 2020Category B$7,149.00 (USD)Quote
    October 16, 2020Category A$7,199.00 (USD)Quote
    October 16, 2020Category JR$7,399.00 (USD)Quote
    October 16, 2020Category AA$7,499.00 (USD)Quote
    October 16, 2020Category PS$11,299.00 (USD)Quote
    October 28, 2020Category F$5,799.00 (USD)Quote
    October 28, 2020Category E$5,899.00 (USD)Quote
    October 28, 2020Category D$5,999.00 (USD)Quote
    October 28, 2020Category C$6,099.00 (USD)Quote
    October 28, 2020Category B$6,149.00 (USD)Quote
    October 28, 2020Category A$6,199.00 (USD)Quote
    October 28, 2020Category JR$6,499.00 (USD)Quote
    October 28, 2020Category AA$6,599.00 (USD)Quote
    October 28, 2020Category PS$9,999.00 (USD)Quote
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