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Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort - All Inclusive from $586.00+ (USD)
Destination: Cancun
Overlooking the white-sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, luxury and sophistication, which makes ...

Esmeralda Resort from $486.00+ (USD)
Destination: St. Maarten
Amidst winding gardens of hibiscus, bougainvillea and coconut groves, this Spanish, mission-style resort provides intimate accommodations in a laid-back setting overlooking Orient Bay.

Melody Maker Cancun from $555.00+ (USD)
Destination: Cancun
Melody Maker Cancun is a lifestyle resort located on Cancun's spectacular beach and close to major shopping centers, restaurants, trendy places and the best nightclubs.

IBEROSTAR Dominicana - All Inclusive from $599.00+ (USD)
Destination: Punta Cana
In typical Creole-style, this polished resort offers fine boutiques, unique activities and family-friendly hospitality.

Buena Vista Suites from $261.00+ (USD)
Destination: Orlando
A welcoming, intimate retreat in the heart of Orlando, Florida, Buena Vista Suites offers families and business professionals the very best in spacious all-suite accommodations.

Ambassador Hotel Waikiki from $274.00+ (USD)
Destination: Honolulu
Conveniently located in the heart of Waikiki, on the island of Oahu, offering something for everyone looking for the perfect Hawaiian Vacation; Oahu Activities, beautiful beaches, Surfing, H...

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas from $426.00+ (USD)
Destination: Las Vegas
The Cosmopolitan is the most original new destination in the heart of The Strip. This unique luxury resort is unlike any other.

Riu Palace Bavaro - All Inclusive from $396.00+ (USD)
Destination: Punta Cana
Right on the beach of Arena Gorda, Riu Palace Bavaro is the new Riu hotel in Punta Cana.

Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe - All Inclusive from $405.00+ (USD)
Destination: Puerto Aventuras
Fronting the dazzling waters of the Mexican Caribbean, the Barcelo Maya Palace provides an inspired setting for active travelers, spa enthusiasts and families seeking an unforgettabl...

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curacao - All Inclusive from $917.00+ (USD)
Destination: Curacao
Experience uncompromising service, superlative views and premier amenities at our luxurious Curacao beach resort.
Caravan Tours Arrow Latin America Tours Arrow Panama Canal Cruise, Rainforests & Beaches
Panama Canal Cruise, Rainforests & Beaches
Tour OperatorCaravan Tours
OfferOffer valid through 9/28/2020
8 Days
Escorted - Yes
Day 1Panama CityPanama City, Panama : Welcome to fun, vibrant Panama, home to the Panama Canal, the most important waterway in the world. The Isthmus of Panama divides the North and South America continents. During your tour you'll take two daytime cruises on the Panama Canal, one through the canal locks and another on Gatun Lake. In Panama you'll see the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, stroll sandy beaches, explore rainforests, and meet the the native Embera tribe. Caravan provides transfers from Panama's Tocumen Airport to your hotel for a two night stay. Rooms are available for check-in after 4:00 p.m. Join Caravan for an 8:00 p.m. welcome briefing. Dinner is served until 9:30 p.m. at your hotel. D
Day 2Panama CityOld Panama, Miraflores Locks : This morning, visit the ruins of Panama Viejo (Old Panama), the city founded by the Spanish in 1519, as a gateway for gold from the Inca Empire. Next, on your scenic drive of Panama City's bayfront, enjoy views of Casco Antiquo (The Old French Quarter) and today's modern skyline. Panama City is a blend of Manhattan, Miami, and Las Vegas seasoned with Latin American flavor and style. Lunch. Visit the Canal Museum at Miraflores, overlooking the Panama Canal locks. Learn about the Canal construction and operation. From Pre-Columbian times to the present day, Panama had a prominent role as the major transit route between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Next, drive through the City of Knowledge, located on the former site of Fort Clayton, the headquarters of United States Army South. Enjoy dinner. BLD
Day 3GamboaPanama Canal Cruise - Gatun Lake : This morning cross the Isthmus to Colon, the Caribbean port at the north end of the Panama Canal. Your short drive through Colon passes by the Free Trade Zone, the largest in the Americas and the Panama Canal Railway Station. Visit the Panama Canal Expansion Observation Center. See the newly constructed locks at the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal. Learn how the locks raise ships 87 feet above the Caribbean Sea on to the Panama Canal. Lunch. Afternoon boat ride on Gatun Lake, the artificial lake which forms part of the Panama Canal. See the lush jungle watershed region of the Panama Canal. Cruise through jungle canals and by hilltop islands, home to a variety of wildlife. Look for monkeys. Enjoy a relaxing two night stay at your resort located in the rainforest. Dinner. BLD
Day 4GamboaPanama Canal Cruise - Locks Transit : Today an unforgettable adventure as you cruise another portion of the Panama Canal. Cruise by the Bridge of the Americas, pass through Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks, and cross the Continental Divide. Then wind through the Gaillard Cut to the town of Gamboa. Your small passenger vessel allows for close-up views of the opening and closing of the huge six foot thick steel gates of both the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks. See, at eye-level, how transiting vessels are guided by tugboats and pulled by small trains. (Please note, route may be reversed.) Lunch. Return to your jungle resort. Stroll the gardens, swim in the pool, or enjoy the scenic views from your private balcony. Dinner. BLD
Day 5Playa BonitaEmbera Tribe, Playa Bonita : This morning, cruise on the Chagres River to visit an Embera tribal village. The Embera inhabit the rainforests of Panama. See exotic Embera handicrafts, such as tightly woven palm fiber baskets and carvings made form tagua nuts and the cocobolo tree. Lunch. Look for colorful butterflies on your visit to a butterfly garden. See rare tropical orchids at an orchid nursery. Visit a live jungle sloth exhibition. Next, cross over the Panama Canal on the Centenario Bridge. Continue to your beach hotel for a relaxing two night stay on the Pacific Coast. Dinner. BLD
Day 6Playa BonitaPlaya Bonita : Entire day at leisure to enjoy your beach resort. Swim in your hotel's infinity pool. Lunch. Enjoy a carefree afternoon. Time to beachcomb and enjoy your resort's amenities. Dinner. BLD
Day 7Panama CityHandicrafts, Biodiversity Museum : Morning return to Panama City via the Bridge of the Americas. Enjoy spectacular views from Amador Causeway connecting Perico, Naos, Culebra and Flamenco Islands. Visit a Kuna tribal marketplace. Shop for colorful Kuna mola embroidery depicting rainforest animals and marine life, and exotic wood handicrafts. Lunch. Visit the world-renowned Museum of Biodiversity, designed by architect Frank Gehry. Enjoy a farewell dinner. BLD
Day 8Panama CityPanama City : Your tour ends after breakfast this morning at your hotel. Breakfast begins at 6:00 a.m. Caravan provides transfers to Panama's Tocumen Airport, arriving at 5:30 a.m., 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Thanks for vacationing with Caravan.Hasta la vista! B
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DateDescriptionPrice FromQuote
January 04, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 06, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 08, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 10, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 12, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 14, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 16, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 18, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 20, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 22, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 24, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 25, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 26, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 27, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 28, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 29, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 30, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
January 31, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 01, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 02, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 03, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 04, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 05, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 06, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 07, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 08, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 09, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 10, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 11, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 12, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 13, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 14, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 15, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 16, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 17, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 18, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 19, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 20, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 21, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 22, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 23, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 24, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 25, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 26, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 27, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
February 28, 2021Double$1,395.00 (USD)Quote
March 01, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 03, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 05, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 07, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 09, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 11, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 13, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 15, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 17, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 19, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 21, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 23, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 25, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 27, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 29, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
March 31, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
April 02, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
April 03, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
April 09, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
April 10, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
April 16, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
April 17, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
April 24, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
May 01, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
May 08, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
May 15, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
May 22, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
June 12, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
June 19, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
June 26, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
July 10, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
July 17, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
July 24, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
July 31, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
August 07, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
August 14, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
October 22, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
October 23, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
October 29, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
October 30, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
October 31, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
November 03, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
November 05, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
November 07, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
November 27, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
December 04, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
December 18, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
December 20, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
December 22, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
December 23, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
December 24, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
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December 27, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
December 28, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
December 29, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
December 30, 2021Double$1,295.00 (USD)Quote
Courtyard by Marriott Multiplaza Mall : Panama CityGamboa Rainforest Resort : Gamboa
Westin Playa Bonita Resort : Playa BonitaInterContinental Miramar Panama : Panama

Plus Taxes and Fees:
Double $347; Triple $337; Single $397

You can reserve space free for up to 3 days, then a $300 deposit per person is due. Full payment is due 60 days prior to departure.

Airfare is not included or sold by Caravan.

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